Friday, January 27, 2012

The Touch

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Through God's grace and His love I'm learning what tender means, and I'm learning how to be tender.

Tender is the touch from my almost 3 year old little boy as he strokes my hair before he wraps his arms around my neck.

Tender is my little girl almost 4, gently brushing my hair whispering 'momma you're beautiful"

Tender is the soft touch from my husband when my emotions begin running away with me, just to let me know it will be ok.

Tender is when I open the windows for a few minutes of fresh air and a soft gentle breeze blows through the house to find my cheek and I hear God's whisper "I love you, I'm here" when I least expect it.

Tender is when I whisper instead of yell, no matter how bad I want to lose it at my kids

Tender is looking up and seeing my children and husband bowing their heads thanking our Father for another day, another meal, another night spent together

Those tender moments are so important. This world is loud, and fast and the days are evil. Any moment even a small one you can spend with your family or in the presence of God is so important. Look around, God has something special just for you today to teach you about His tender, gentle love.

If you can't seem to quiet down and see it, ask Him to open your eyes...He will

I pray you feel His tender love for you today.

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Jenifer said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Lisa said...

This is beautiful, Mandy!