Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Things

I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.

All things, if I really lived like I believe I can do all things my life would look a whole lot different.

I would start running, no matter what the weather was like.
I would stop choosing food over God, no matter how loud that little voice got inside my head.
I would stop getting so angry at my kids and husband and start realizing they make mistakes too.
I would reject that very ugly piece of my heart God has been showing me latley and start filling that hole up with Him, and Him alone.

All things...God's not exagerating here...we really can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. And it's not a hee-man brute strength we're talking's an inner strength that rises up when you're at your weakest saying GO My Child, because I AM inside of you.

What things can you do because Jesus gives you strength?

Continuing with my list, today I'm thankful for

11) Quiet time with my Father, He wakes me up no matter if I go back to sleep after my alarm or not, He knows I need that time with Him and did you know He enjoys our quiet times too...He loves hanging out with His children, do you have daily quiet time's with Him?
12) Baby smiles and even a few giggles from my almost 3 month old nephew
13) Being used daily by an almighty God who doesn't have to use me but wants to use me
14) Work for my husband for today
15) Learning to focus on one day at a time and thanking God for the blessings of the day
16) The inner strength God's word gives me every day to say NO to my flesh ~ even though I mess it up ~ His grace is perfect in my weakness
17) Family dinners, and a lesson in each from God
18) My kids and their prayers before each meal "Thank You Jesus for this food" and their passion to pray on their own
19) A husband that forgives me for my attitude daily
20) Doing hair and nails and playing dress-up and baby dolls with my 3 year old daughter ~ and learning a lesson from God about her heart
21) Having my eyes open to the sunrise when I choose the better option
22) A new Bible Study in Ephesians that I'm learning SOOOOOO much from

Throw off your old sinful ways and former way of life which is corrupted by lust and deception.

Let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Eph 4:27,28


Jenifer said...

Oh how life would look if only we truly lived as though we could do ALL things in Jesus! I love this Mandy! And your list is beautiful.

Lisa said...

We can do ALL things through Christ. My life certainly would look different if I lived that I really believed that. Great encouragement, Mandy! And I love your list today. :)