Friday, August 12, 2011

No time for Worship?

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Do you ever feel like you just don't have time to worship God? Maybe you're working every day a 12 hour shift and you're going going going all day. When I was working I wasn't really that busy but I do understand days where you don't even have time to think. My husband works for a construction/rennovating company and he is in a construction zone for 8 hours a day.

Like we talked about yesterday, worshipping God isn't just about being on your knees in prayer and song it's about living your life before God, giving Him every part of your heart and your day. Even if you work in a construction zone or a police department or prison or jail or office you can give God glory in your day.

1) Pray before your shift starts. Physically in prayer give God your day, tell Him that even though you have a physical boss He is and will be forever the Lord and King of your heart and  you work for Him.
2) Play Christian music on a radio loud enough for customer's to hear. You never know who needs to hear that encouragement and the difference between life and death of a soul could count on one song or one word of wisdom through the radio.
3) Read your Bible on your lunch break and company breaks. I know for most company's you at least are provided a lunch break, get in the Word during lunch, Jesus is the bread of life (smiles)
4) Talk about God, I know this probably seems so obvious but when I worked I probably drove my co-workers crazy talking about God and what He was showing me and what He was dealing with me about. I know for at least one person it brought her faith back in God and I was able to pray for her about a medical condition and God healed her and she's been on fire for God ever since so you NEVER know, you may be working with someone for hte specific reason of ministering to them.
5) Post Bible verses where you can see them, keep one in your wallet if you don't sit at a desk, keep one where you can find it as comfort for you if you're working somewhere dangerous.

It's so so so important to give God our hearts even in our job - going lives. No matter what you do, where you are, who you're with live a life devoted to God. Turn your heart towards Him and He will feed your soul and nourish your heart.

Today worship God with your life, consider it a challenge (smiles)


Jenifer said...

My husband works construction and takes a really big lunch box/cooler thing to work. I take index cards and write a scripture on them, then tape it inside his cooler. I also will text him scriptures occasionally. It helps him get some Word while at work. When I worked, I had scriptures on my desk and computer.

Great ideas Mandy!

Lisa said...

Great challenge, Mandy. God wants our heart everyday, not just on Sunday.

Faith Confessions said...

I like being reminded to make God part of my every day. Another blogger mentioned keeping the conversation going with God going throughout the day. I am good at that although sometimes I wonder if he is sick of hearing from me LOL While I am here to love and serve him I can often be found talking to him like he is a friend I am having coffee with. I need to work on the bible and scripture more though as honestly I am horrible at memorization and I know none by heart. A goal for me!!