Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's how you live

I've heard a lot of people lately say they don't have time to worship, they think worship goes too long on Sundays, they don't like the worship songs chosen, they get distracted when they sit in God's presence for any length of time. I've heard people complain time and time again. I am starting to wonder how these people are going to do in Heaven where it's a 24 hour worship service 7 days a week or however time is measured there.

While I don't believe God expects us on our knees all day every day lifting our hands, I do believe he wants our life and everything in it. He wants us to live a life of worship in our every day diaper changing, house cleaning, job going lives.

When I look back to how things used to be I can see I was much more worshipful when I was working because it was a brainless job and I could listen to as much worship music as I wanted in my headphones. Temptation lies waiting around every corner at home and oh yeah there's a 2 and 3 year old itching for my time now.

So if you're one of those people thinking you don't have the "time" to worship let me share with you what I've learned..

For the stay at home Christian
1) Post Bible verses everywhere. We have one on our fridge, I have one on my bedroom mirror and I am working on our home school room and I'm posting one or two in there.
2) Keep your Bible where you can see it, bring it out of that nightstand drawer, put it on a shelf where you're sure to see it all day every day. Let God be with you during your day.
3) Listen to a couple praise songs in the morning just to get your day started off right. I have Christian radio playing in our bedroom so the worship/praise songs are always going upstairs ~ it also keeps the kids and I from having nightmares.
4) When you are doing chores for the 13th time in one day pray for the people in your household. Ask God to share something special with them, ask Him for their protection.
5) Quiet times are so important!! I can not stress this enough. Depending on how much time you have whether it be during breakfast time or nap time or even a break at work take out your Bible and read a chapter or two, it's so so so important to stay in the Word. Our Spirit needs that nourishment.
6)Thank God for the sunrise when you wake up in the morning and the moonlight when  you go to sleep.

Worshiping God isn't just when you're on your knees, hands raised in the air or nose to the carpet, it's also how you live  your life every day, every moment. What you do matters to God, is your job bringing glory to Him? Is your home life bringing glory to Him. If your heart is right, everything else will fall into line with God without you even trying.

How do you give God glory in your every day life? I'll be talking about being a Christian in the work-force tomorrow.


Jenifer said...

These are all wonderful ideas!! Worship doesn't mean on our knees in prayer or standing in a sanctuary with a hundred people singing. Worship is an attitude. I want to be in an attitude of worship all day every day. Great post! Thank you for this encouragement!

Lisa said...

Great post, Mandy! If we lived in an attitude of worship everyday, I don't think there would be any more complaints on Sundays. ;) Thanks for this needed encouragement.

Heidi said...

Wonderful tips Mandy! I'm gearing up to start home school again and those ideas got me excited about getting our life in order! I agree worship isn't just on Sunday or just on our knees it's a heart turned towards Him in everything. Thank you, great encouragement :)

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

This is so good Mandy... Wonderful post!

Bringing God into every part of our lives not only makes all we do more joyous, but it places the glory where it belongs... On Him!

Have a Blessed Day!

Desiray said...

AMEN! For it is a lifestyle! And the sooner we not only realize it but actually live it we will be so much better for it...Paul said pray without ceasing and I use to think how does one pray without ceasing until I realized with the revelation God gave me was it's our lifestyle when I am doing anything I can pray in my mind to God I can sing praises to Him when I am walking I can pray when I am cleaning I can sing when I am working I can always offer up a conversation unto the Lord...Now I see it is possible amazing what one thinks when they use their own mind but one doesn't see truth until God reveals it to them..amen