Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Even if?

Today I have a few questions..

Would you love God even if?

Even if He didn't give you your heart's deepest desire.

Even if you didn't get that job you're waiting on.

Even if your ministry didn't go the way you wanted.

Even if your closest friendship flopped.

Even if He never used you again a day in your life.

Even if you suddenly lost your job of 25 years and took a severe pay cut in your budget.

Even if you lost your house that you scrimped and saved for your entire life.

Even if you never received one more thing from God your entire life.

Even if He never spoke to you again.

Even if everyone you've ever known turned their back on you and you were all alone in the world.

Would you love Him even if your world was suddenly turned upside down and nothing went your way ever again.

Do you love God for what He does for you or for who He is.

He is Holy and worthy of our praise in ALL life's circumstances.


Jenifer said...

God could never again answer even my smallest prayer, and I would still love and serve Him. He has done enough for me. He is enough for me. He is more than enough and has done more than enough.

Lisa said...

Amen! I started to get excited when I saw your title. Like the word that was spoken Sunday, we are to worship Him because He is holy, not just for what He does for us. So good!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Amen Mandy! We need to remember to praise God through all life's events, not just those that are obvious Blessings.

Great post!

Have a Blessed Day!

Faith Confessions said...

I think many of us have been through at least one if not many of the circumstances you have mentioned. I am a prime example of turning my back to God not because of any of the examples but because of time and being a young adult "breaking free". What is funny is my desire and love for the Lord always was there and I just chose not to let it out or listen. But now I openly and willingly love God out loud. And I will no matter what is thrown at me and what I find peace in even more is I love him even taking into consideration what I have been through or not for that matter in my life!