Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An open heart

A couple weekends ago we visited with my mother and father in law and went to Church with them. The Pastor's service was pretty amazing and definitley had me in tears.

His messege was "When God's word meets an open heart". Maybe this messege seems a bit simple to some but stick with me. He had a demonstration of 3 plastic cups - the solution in the cups was considered to be "an open heart". The water poured in the cups was considered to be Gods word and when Gods word was poured in to the open heart there was a huge explosion of power and the open heart overflowed.

This can be said of a heart that doesn't know Jesus and comes to Church for the first time. God's word meets this persons heart and BAM! there's an explosion and all of a sudden God is more real than anything they've ever known. I remember a time not so long ago that this was me. My heart was open and desperate to learn more about God. Taking in whatever I could get at the time. There was a huge explosion in my heart and the power that came out was amazing and could have only come from God.

This can also be said of a "seasoned Christian". Someone who has known the Lord for a while. Someone who has gotten comfortable in their faith. Someone who is just coasting along but doesn't realize they are coasting. I've been realizing through the grace of God that my heart has been closed off. That I've been coasting along. I've become comfortable in my walk and before I knew it my walk has become a crawl and God seems further away than ever before.

Thank God that when one of His sheep get lost along their way He goes out to find him or her though and that's what He's been doing with me. Gently calling me back and waiting for me to respond. I think that's why this messege from an unknown Pastor spoke so deeply to my heart. God was asking me if my heart was open to what He wants for me. At the time my answer would have been no but now it's a definite YES. Yes Lord my heart is open and I'm listening now. Work isn't always easy but it's definitley worth doing.

Whether you're a new Christian, seasoned Christian, or not a Chrisitan at all but are curious ~ ask yourself if God is trying to tell you something and then ask yourself if your heart is open to receiving it. When God's word meets an open heart the power that comes from His word is amazing.


Jenifer said...

I want to receive what God has for me! Amen! Great post Mandy!

Heidi said...

I recall that explosion in my heart and I'm so grateful that He chose me. Thanks Mandy!

Lisa said...

When God's word meets an open heart an explosion takes place. Wow! I pray that my heart is always open to what God is speaking to me. He's got my attention now. :)

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Great post Mandy! I've had several of those "explosions" throughout my walk, and hope for many more as I continue down His Path. :-)

Have a Blessed Day!

Kandi said...

Oh!! I love feeling the explosion, every time I open the Bible and see something I haven't read before, hits me right between the eyes.

Blessings to you Mandy.

Allison said...

Amen! What truth you write today!