Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Oh my heart loves Christmas. I love the lights, I love the music I even *gasp* love the snow that comes with December!! Growing up it was all about the gifts, it was all about Santa. Waking up at 3 in the morning (yes we were anxious children haha) running to the living room and seeing what Santa had left us. It was about rattling packages and guessing what our parents were going to get us "this year". Even as I grew up and moved out it was still about the presents, what we could afford. Going above and beyond just because we could with the gifts.

I'm happy to say this year is different, we're such a materialistic world. Thank God my perspective is different. Christmas is Jesus's Birthday. His Birthday! What do you do on your birthday, you throw a party, you probably have cake and you are the one getting presents. Can you imagine the world we would live in if He hadn't been born? We'd be a world with no hope.

I want to do something for Jesus this year. We're receiving a blessing later this month. I'm going to use some of that for Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Christmas presents at all, in fact without this blessing my children's Christmas would be turning out very different. However, they are just at the age where I can teach them how to give instead of receive. I can show them that this is when Jesus was born, and instead of their presents being the most important thing, that Jesus should get a present instead. I can show them, it's not an imaginery fat man in a funny red suit that brings us these things, it's God and His love for us that provides these Christmas blessings they will so thoroughly enjoy.

I know full well that it's so easy to get wrapped up in the glammar and lights of the Christmas season but maybe, just for a moment we pause and think about Jesus..completley innocent..being born in to this world just to die for us out of love.

The flesh is powerful, but we have One more powerful living inside of us and He has overcome the flesh and the world. What will you do for Jesus's Birthday this year?

Happy Birthday Jesus.


Deane said...

Yes, Christmas has turned into the material things and all of us Christians are just as guilty of this as anyone else. Like you said it should be about Jesus. We need to give praise and glory where it is due. Would we have come into this world to die for others? Your post is an awesome one. Thanks!!

Jenifer said...

Like I said last night, I am determined to make this Christmas about Christ and giving. I want my children to understand how giving and helping is so much more important that what they get. I want to fully understand. Thank you for this reminder.

Lisa said...

"completely innocent..being born in to this world just to die for us out of love." I love this! I want to keep Jesus as the center of Christmas - and every part of my life. I'm so thankful I have One more powerful living in me.
Love ya!!

Debi said...

Mandy, you totally remind me of me. I remember some of the same kinds of things you do about Christmas. My, how we've changed! Thank God for His amazing Gift to us! And thank you, Mandy, for this post!

Allison Morrison said...

I also want to remember Jesus as the reason we celebrate the season of Christmas!!

AveryHome said...

Praise you Jesus for being the One! This is the first year that I feel like my kids are old enough to understand the advent candles, so we are going to do that each Sunday in December and I'm going to read Jotham's Journey to them too! Great post!