Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who do you depend on?

Who do you depend on? I'm reading in Hosea right now. No matter what God did for them, the Israelites still worshipped and looked to their "gods" for provision. They were told time after time that God was the one providing their needs but still they looked away.

This question really got me thinking, who do I put my trust in. On any given day it would be God of course! But maybe in the deepest part of my heart that's not entirely true? On paydays we depend on our jobs to deposit those pay checks, we trust that the money will be there. But what if the money wasn't there...then what?

If we have a problem do we depend on prayer or do we depend on God to hear and acknowledge that prayer and move?

What about when we're sick, we pray over that sickness and if that doesn't work then we turn to our fast acting medication to take care of the pain or sickness.

When I'm afraid, do I depend on God as my great comforter or do I just give up or wait for someone to pray for me because the prayer is a comfort.

This is something I struggle with. I like instant results so if I don't see the results I want, then I just take care of things myself. At any moment anything that we put our trust and faith in could fail...except God.

We (I) should depend on God. He is our (my) healer, He is our (my) comforter, He is our (my) provider. He NEVER fails.


Jenifer said...

This is really good. I would like to believe that I depend only on God, but like you said, sometimes maybe I depend on that paycheck or medication. Definetly something to think and pray about. Thank you!!

Lisa said...

So good! Our faith needs to be in God alone. He is our source and we should depend on Him. I think this is a lesson we need to learn daily.