Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I was going to wait until tomorrow morning to post this but...well I can't wait lol.

I have seen God's healing power I just can't keep the excitement in me any more.

My little boy has had health issues since he was born. I don't know where they come from. Both my husband and I are pretty healthy but Shayne was in and out of the hospital and doctor offices from the time he was born until now. It started with a milk allergy. He's lactose intollerant and we had no idea. He wasn't gaining any weight, he was having horrible stomach pains, horrible gas pains, horrible diarrea and he was so unhappy. We had no idea how to help him and the doctor's wouldn't help us either. Thank God for a doctor that happened to be seeing him one night out of the norm. She told us to try some different formula ~ soy milk ~ and see what happens and PRAISE GOD his stomach pains went away almost instantly and he was a happy new born baby.

Then! We took him to the doctor a few months later for a cold and they took x-rays of his chest and told us he had an enlarged heart and we had to take him to Children's Mercy which turned in to several trips to Children's Mercy over a span of a few months. After being scared out of my wits for a month or so we finally met with a heart doctor at the hospital and she told us he was completley fine and she didn't even know why we had been referred to her..PRAISE GOD!

Well my point to this story is since our trips to Children's Mercy every time he goes in for a routiene well baby check - up he's had an ear infection and not just a "normal" infection...the doctors have to give him a shot and tell us that it's REALLY bad. With this last check-up they were talking about surgery and they would see if this new shot would work and we're supposed to bring him back for a check-up and take the next steps. This is where the really great part starts. During this new trial God got ahold of me and I've been learning about healing and His way and I asked some very good friends and sisters in Christ to lay hands on my son and guess what! HE'S HEALED!! PRAISE THE LORD!! We never took him back to the doctor for a check - up because frankly I don't think it's necessary. He's a completley different child, he laughs and plays and talks ~ he would never talk before he would just mumble but no he's talking A LOT!

God is so good!

Today a friend that I work with told me about a trial she's going through. She has this lesion on her arm and the doctor told her it looked like the bad kind of skin cancer. They took some samples of it and are waiting for the results but they are telling her she needs radiation and when they get the results they will proceed. Today my friend and I layed hands on her and prayed for God's healing to come in to her life. It was the most amazing thing I've ever felt in my entire life. I knew and know in my heart of hearts in my very soul that God is healing her even as I type this. (She sits next to me) It was like adrenaline. I was so excited when she told me what was going on and what the doctors told her because God was telling me ok you know what's going on now pray and watch me work. God told me to tell her that when she gets the results back from the doctor and they are not what we prayed to have them do the tests again and claim her healing again.

Healing in the name of Jesus is possible, all you have to have is faith and trust in God, the Bible says we can have it so I claim it for my friend and I trust that God will do the rest. I'll let you know when the tests come back :-D


Jenifer said...

PRAISE GOD! God's healing touch is so awesome! And it is so incredibly amazing to see you so excited for God. I love it. It excites me!

Lisa said...

I ditto Jenifer - you excite me! God didn't just save you, He radically changed you! With God on your side, there's no stopping you now, so watch our world, here comes Mandy! LOL