Thursday, October 21, 2010

Healing Part 2

Earlier I posted about the healing power of God in my son's life and that my friend and I had prayed over another friend at work. So here's the update:

She's healed. Not just in body but spiritually too. She just took me in the hall and gave me a hug and said she doesn't have details yet but she's healed. She thanked me for praying over her and said that I inspired her to go further in her walk with the Lord because the longer you've been a Christian sometimes you forget about the love you have for Jesus. She said that she appreciates me and she feels God answered our prayers and she's healed.

To be completley honest I battle daily with thoughts that I'm just a fake I'm not really a Christian that I'm a fake that no matter what I do God is going to get impatient with me and the thoughts running through my head. I feel like one more mistake He's going to leave me behind. One more horrible thought and He's going to disown me.

Today I'm just going to praise Him I'm going to worship Him. Jesus healed my friend. He's working on her heart as He worked on her lesion. Prayer works dear friends, Jesus is alive and He's worthy of our praise. He can heal you if there's something you need healing of. He's my king. He never changes He's loving today and tomorrow and for eternity. He loves us...He LOVES us. A love I can't even imagine. I'm not worthy but He still loves me. And He loves you too. Worship Him today friends because He deserves our everything.


Jenifer said...

Praise God for the healing and for her closer walk.

You are one of the most genuine people I know. God is doing amazing things in your life and you are touching many. God has great things in store for you and those you touch.

Lisa said...

I completely agree with Jenifer! You are very real. I can clearly see God working in and through you. I've been praying that you would be a light at work and that people would be drawn to God because they see Him working in you. It's happening! Don't let satan whisper those lies. Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.