Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't Worry!

Last night my husband and I came home to cops at our back door. We got a call from my parents who had just passed our apartment that we had several cops gathered in the parking lot and as we pulled up, sure enough there were two cop cars, TONS of people and several cops just milling around talking to people..

After we parked in the front and assessed that it was safe, my husband took my daughter out to get the mail (he had to pass by the cops and the groups of people to get to our mailbox) when he came back he told me what he had overheard.

Some people from the houses on boths sides of us I guess had threatened each other and it was serious enough to call the cops. We came home at the very end of the drama but it was enough to send me in to worry.

We've had horrible history with apartments/houses since we moved out of my parent's house after college. Our first apartment was the drug lords dwelling then there was the shoot out in our front yard after my daughter was born now this! It seems no where we go is safe anymore, especially in Leavenworth!

Soo my point is this, Jesus Himself tells me not to worry, I mean there's a whole section on worry in Matthew. I know God will take care of my family and I, He never sleeps. I take comfort in knowing He's got his eye on my family at all times, even when I am too exhausted to stay awake another minute.

We've started house/apartment hunting, we don't have the funds to buy a house and frankly I don't want that kind of debt on our hands just yet so we will scour town/country until we find something, I know if we scour and find something then it's God, if we scour and don't then He wants us to wait and He has something better.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34

I'm going to be honest with you, talking about worry isn't going to cure me but I will continue praying and fully trusting in God and I know everything will turn out for His glory. He loves surprising His children so I know He's got something in store for us. 


Jenifer said...

We can rest peaceful know God is there. Thank you for posting this and you are in my prayers!

Lisa said...

I love your faith! No matter we you/we live, God is always with us, watching over us. We can rest in peace.