Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy Love

Right now I'm reading this book called Crazy Love that I borrowed from one of my sweet sisters.

When I fed them they were satisfied; When they were satisfied they became proud;
then they forgot Me. Hosea 13:6

Friday my husband and I received a HUGE blessing from God. All I could think of was this blessing, I praised Him and worshipped Him and was so excited.

The chapter I'm reading right now is about God's blessings and how we handle those blessings. It talks about how God will bless us and the moment our need is met, sometimes one feels as though we don't need God anymore right now, or we give him our leftovers in praise and worship, "the need is met lets move on". He's not a genie in the sky granting our wishes as my sweet sister so wonderfully puts it..

Lord I don't want to become proud, I NEVER want to forget each and everything blessing, big or small that you give my family.

....but I did....

He's been helping my husband and I with our money, we were/are in over our heads and He is showing me the way out so slowly but surely we're climbing to the top of this mountain. Friday He showed me which bills to pay as He does every pay day for the last few weeks. I forgot to thank Him, I forgot to sit my husband down with me and pray, and keep forgetting to thank Him for showing me the way out of this hole. Thank you Lord and I'm so sorry.

Like I said, I don't want to forget and I feel in my heart the only way to not become proud and forgetful each time a need is met is to keep praising God, after all He is the one that makes our life possible, He is the one that keeps meeting each and every one of our needs.

Sometimes the smallest blessings are actually the biggest blessings of all but we don't see them.

I struggle with pride daily but more than anything else I want to be obedient, I want to make Him proud of me so even if I never receive anything else from God I will continue to praise Him. I will continue to worship because He's so worthy and I love Him.


Lisa said...

He is always worthy of our praise - always!

Jenifer said...

I want to continually praise Him in the big and small blessings and in the good and bad times. He is worthy of our praise!