Friday, April 1, 2016

Your praises

You're kind, when I'm not.
You're good when I'm not.
You're steady and sure when I am flailing about begging for you to catch me.
You hold me tightly even as it feels like I'm falling.
You continually tell me to live by faith. The faith you gave me when we started this journey. Instead of by feelings and things I can see.

You are devoted and solid when I doubt you and wonder.
When I question you, and cry out you take my face in your hands and whisper life into me.
When I beg for change, you patiently teach, and guide and love me through the pain.

Lord you are good. I love you and I just want to sit with you. Thank you.

For the sunshine and its warmth that warms to my bones.
For the birds singing and the memory of my grandma telling me they are singing to me, calling me pretty girl.
For worship music that pierces my heart.
For the reminder to praise you through this storm.
For the reminder you slept through the storm because you weren't worried and neither should I be.
For catching my tears and holding me when I feel so alone.
For my husband that helps me and takes care of me when I can barely take care of myself.
For my kids and their compassion.
For my friends, that cry with me and hold my heart so gently and pray for me so passionately, begging You for a cure.

Your praises I don't always sing, and more often than I care to admit I've watched the storm instead of You but I love You Jesus. Thank You for loving me too.

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