Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blessings aren't Bad

I've had a lot of trouble counting my blessings latley. I get so embarrassed everytime I share with someone how God is blessing our family, because He really really has. I had a chat with a friend a few days ago though and came to realize I am giving glor to God every time I speak out about what He's doing for us and it reminds me during a struggle what He's going to do again. He will always take care of us, He will always be with us and He will always love us, so I shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed when someone else notices the miracles happening in our life, that just gives even more glory to God and I hope by sharing our blessings someone else will ask God to show them theirs and then we will all start seeing the blessing instead of the blessings definitley aren't bad.

Therefore, today I'm so so thankful for:

33) Fresh brewed hot coffee
34) French vanilla creamer - mmm my apsolute favorite!
35) The fact that my husband remembered I was out of creamer and got me some without me asking
36) Walking with my kids in the beautiful weather
37) Peace when I lay all my fears and worries and emotions at my Lord's feet
38) Christian radio in the early morning reminding me to keep looking up
39) late night prayers when all the house is asleep
40) Friends who can reach way down into my mess and pull me out of my own emotions to remind me of God's goodness and Love for me
41) being reminded of a good memory of my dad and I when I was younger
42) Spending the whole day with my grandma and finding out just how much she loves Jesus and how much she acknowledges Him and His power in her life
43) Seeing my grandma's love and passion for my grandpa and her strength in wanting to take care of him instead of him being in the hospital.
44) Visiting my grandpa and him remembering my name.

Note: This picture is of my grandpa, my mom, my sister and my aunt at my wedding about 6 years ago. Growing up he always told me he was going to dance with me in his shirt tales at my wedding, and then he surprised me in this outfit. By far the best surprise ever. He has dimensia now but he remembers us and that is a blessing.


Lisa said...

Wonderful list of blessings, Mandy! God gets all the glory when we talk about the gifts He has given us, so keep shouting His praises. :)

Jenifer said...

Beautiful list, Mandy!