Monday, January 2, 2012

Now what?

It's January 2nd. You've found your word and your label. You've made plans. You've prayed and decided.

But now what?

It's Monday, New Years Eve is over, New Years Day has come and gone. It's back to the "real world" so to speak, so what do you do now?

Do you have a plan?

My word was Intentional. Live intentional. What do I want most out of 2012? I want FREEDOM. I want to live free. I can just picture my arms raised, my heart free and joy flowing from every part of me. So how do I get freedom?

My plan is to study, a lot. Study the Word, dive in to it. Soak it up, chew on a chapter verse by verse. Memorize scripture starting with freedom. Hiding it in my heart so when those chains rear their ugly head I can battle them with the scripture God gives me. So I plan to study, what else?

I plan to do a devotional study with my husband about what family looks like to God, what the purpose of family is in God's eyes. I plan to learn, to understand.

I plan to pray. Not just in the morning, but all day. I want to talk to God continuously. About everything. Every. Single. Thing that pops into my day I plan to share it with Him. Every feeling, every tear every bout of anger whether from my children or my husband or from me, every short fuse every joy filled moment I plan to share with my Father.

I have a lot of plans, all to often I hear people talk about how they make resolutions for the New Years just to break them the very next day. That's why you have to DECIDE. You have to plan. You have to set it in  your heart and your mind to do something so nothing that comes against you in the coming days will tempt you to quit. Take it a day at a time, if you mess up it's ok! the very next minute decide to take up your cross again and keep going.

Ask God to help you make this year different. Live free. Live intentionally.

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you. Galatians 5:1 (msg)


Lisa said...

Amen!!! We make plans and they we need to be intentional about keeping them. And we know that God will honor these prayers, because we are praying after His own heart. He wants all these things for us too.

Jenifer said...

Mandy, that is the word I have been leaning toward!!! So cool! I am still praying about it, but that is where I feel God pulling me.