Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sunrise

We had such an amazing day at Church Sunday. The Spirit was moving, God spoke to us and healing happened. God told us He wanted us to choose Him, to choose Life. He wants to show us the sunrise. He wants a new beginning for us. It may take some work but He wants us to come higher, run hard after Him and come higher, raise above this World and everything it has to offer.

I've been struggling latley. My walk seems off. My quiet times are all over the place. There's no set time. I turn my alarm on to wake up in the morning and then shut it off when it goes off. If I don't spend time with God in the mornings my whole day is off. My kids have been extra testy and often times I lose my temper and my control.

In all of the turmoil God still wants to show me the sunrise though, and you know what...I want to see it. I want to claw myself out of this hole and look full on to the thing He has for me. I want to litteraly wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise that God makes for me every morning.

Have you ever heard the saying "put your money where your mouth is"? I want a lot of things but when my alarm goes off at 6 Monday morning am I going to wake up, am I going to get on my knees? Am I going to watch the sun rise?

Counting my blessings today...

1) Hearing God's voice
2) Worship with abandon
3) My Church family
4) Peace in the storm
5) A whole day to visit with my grandma
6) God's provision for Gas and Diapers in between my husband's paycheck
7) Beautiful sunsets
8) Beautiful sunrises
9) Fall Colors proclaiming God's beauty
10) God's love for me, in the midst of my messes
11) Conviction and correction when I've done something wrong
12) Strength for tomorrow
13) "Stop thinking about your past, stop it! I have erased it and I want you to move forward and choose Me, choose Life"

I choose Life, I choose God. I choose the sunrise.

What choices are you making today?


Jedidja said...

I choose to spend time with God and I confess Him that I have failed, the last week. Thank you for the nice post

Jenifer said...

I have been there, many times. I just don't want to wake up early. I just don't want to work at it. But God gently nudges me. I am so thankful for those nudges and His patience with me.

Lisa said...

Yesterday was just amazing! But I know that God wants us to experience that everyday, not just on Sundays at church. He wants us to see the sunrise everyday - a new beginning everyday. I'm choosing to keep my eyes on Him today.

Deane said...

What a great post! So many times we need that nudge from God. It is amazing what He does for us. He has so much more for us and these blessings are the greatest. Thanks for a wonderful post, Mandy. Blessing to you.

Kelli said...

Oh I've been there. It's hard to be disciplined sometimes. But on those days I mess up and don't hang out with Jesus. I sit in bed and pray "Lord I'm sorry I didn't spend time with you this morning but I want to make today all about you, I still want to see and hear you.";)

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

I understand completely Mandy... When my alarm goes off at 5:30am, there's an inner struggle to stay under those nice warm covers and sleep that extra 45 minutes rather than get up and spend the sunrise reading from God's Word. Thankfully, His "wake-up nudges" are good about stirring me to join Him in celebrating the morning.

Wonderful list!

Have a Blessed Day!