Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I doubt it

The serpent was clever, more clever than any wild animal God had made. He spoke to the Woman: "Do I understand that God told you not to eat from any tree in the garden?"

....The serpent told the Woman, "You won't die. God knows that the moment you eat from that tree, you'll see what's really going on. You'll be just like God, knowing everything, ranging all the way from good to evil."

When the Woman saw that the tree looked like good eating and realized what she would get out of it—she'd know everything!—she took and ate the fruit and then gave some to her husband, and he ate.

Since the beginning of time, Satan has been working against God trying to get God's children to doubt His word, His goodness, His wisdom.

The famous "did you really hear from God?" "Are you sure God told you to give your money away, so He could bless you?" "Things aren't working out right, you must have heard wrong, try doing this instead.." "God's not going to do this for you, He's testing you"

The famous questions, the ones that get God's children off track, the kind that make us wonder, make us question and worse yet, make us doubt.

If you're friends with me on facebook you know my landlord is raising our rent. January 1st it goes up $50. For a moment I wanted nothing more than to sit down and cry, how could I have done this to my family, how could I have quit my job when this was coming....what was wrong with me, what was I thinking. It's raising right after Christmas. Every penny that we get is accounted for where would this extra money come I sat down I started thinking of our bills whenever I write them down on paper, try to make a budget it doesn't work. In the eyes of the world we don't have enough money coming in to pay our bills and get groceries and still have a roof over our heads it just won't work, so I've stopped trying to make a budget, we just go with it. God stretches the money, God provides.

So before I started crying I was quiet and immediately without fail He started speaking scripture after scripture memory after memory of His provision for me and my family. He reminded me time after time of His faithfulness.

He reminded me that I'm more important to Him than anything else He has ever created and that this was not a surprise to Him. I stumbled, but He held me up with His faithfulness. He reminded me that He wants to be first in my life, front and center in the midst of all "my" plans.

You know, I still don't know where the extra money is going to come from, and every once in a while I get a panicked feeling in my heart, but I also know deep down in my spirit that this will be ok. This will work out, my Heavenly Father is right here with me sitting with me as I type this blog, sitting with us as we eat our meals, watching over us as we go in and out of our daily life. He's here and this is HIS burden to carry not mine.

Worrying and anger won't change a single thing, so it's better to remain faithful and keep trusting God, and keep moving forward...keep growing...He will guide you through any struggle, any mountain...remember, faith stretching is a good thing.

Lord I let this go. I don't know how you will provide for us but I know deep down in my spirit that you will. Lord thank you for being faithful, someone I can trust no matter what. Thank you for your love for me and my family. Father God please give my husband peace about this situation, he needs to remember your faithfulness too. I love you Father.


(If you are new to my blog and want to read about why I quit my job and the start of my "stay at home journey" you can click here)


Jenifer said...

I can totally understand how you are feeling. More bills come in, but there is no extra money to pay them. But God will provide a way. When it doesn't make sense to our human minds, He has a plan.

Lisa said...

Satan wants to come in and make us doubt. But we KNOW that our God is faithful and He WILL provide. Keep trusting. Keep watching and be prepared to be amazed. :)

Traci Michele said...

Keep trusting Him... He will provide. I love how you wrote that God cares so much for His children. He so does!

Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations