Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She can cut! Tot School Tuesday

Good Morning friends! During my "forced break" my children and I explored new and different fun territories. Today I want to share with you something my daughter really really enjoyed.

I have been afraid of scissors for Abbie. I didn't want her any where near them, I was afraid she'd cut off a hand or a finger or an ear or something. She's a little hyper active, but I overcame my fears and she did great.

For this activity you will need:

1 or 2 sheets of construction paper, making them two seperate colors make it fun for them and gives you an opportunity to teach about colors.
Adult scissors (because those kid scissors are a PAIN!)
A marker or pen
A ruler, or the edge of a book, just to make straight lines.
A pair of kid scissors

All I did was cut the paper in to strips and then draw squares on each strip. We were working on colors and letters for this activity so I drew the letter P on the pink paper, and if you can see it, I drew the letter O on the orange paper.

I gave Abbie one strip of paper at a time so she didn't get overwhelmed. If your child has never used scissors before, just drawing squares without anything else on them is fine. That's what I did too. The activity I'm telling you about today is actually the second day we worked on cutting.

At first she was so confused, the child is left handed. Her mother is right handed. I had to figure out how to show a lefty how to cut but after a while she was on a roll!

Abbie is 3, I would not recommend teaching scissors any younger than 3 but that really is your choice. My son is 2 and during this time he was coloring on the pink and orange paper and then he worked on the hard puzzels so it worked out. I wanted to give you a close up of the type of scissors Abbie used for this, just incase you want to try it too...

She's so stinkin cute on a good day isn't she ;). I love this project because you don't need hardly anything to pull it off and Abbie LOVED it so give it a try with your young ones. Enjoy!


Jenifer said...

She is such a sweetheart! :) Great activity Mandy.

Lisa said...

Look at that face! :) I was also afraid to let my kids use scissors, but they can do so much more than we think, we just need to let them try. Just look how proud she is our herself.

Heidi said...

My kids love to cut with scissors! My 5 year old would cut all day if I let her :) Great fun, thanks for sharing Mandy!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Looks like a wonderful activity Mandy! :-)

Have a Blessed Day!