Friday, October 14, 2011

Just a glimpse

I really didn't have anything to write today. I'm posting over at Woman to Woman Ministries for my normal family Friday post so I was just going to let that be my Friday Post.

Then I read A Moment With God's Post...then I read The Gypsy Mama's Post. Both of these blogs do a 5 Minute Friday Post every week. I've never done it and writing for 5 minutes without edit is a little intimidating. The word is Catch so I'm going to try this out...

Wednesday evening at Church I gave a small testimony about how I was called to step out in faith - quitting my job without any proof that we would be provided for. My husband had just returned to work after a serious injury and his salary alone did NOT cover our bills but still God called me to trust Him and quit my job.

I was thinking Thursday evening how far I've come and how much God has given me. I started out working for a bank for almost 7 years and now I'm a stay at home mom starting my own food pantry ministry with my Church's full support.

God's been telling me to remain in Him that He's put my feet on solid ground and all I have to do is walk on it. This is just a glimpse of the power of His unfailing grace, looking back at where I was just over a year ago and where I am now. The things He's given me though don't even compare to the glimpse of His love I've caught.

Over and over He tells me I'm His "sweet girl" Worthy of His Love. He tells me He wants my past, He wants my pain. I doubt His grace, even though I've seen it I still doubt it's for me. Does He really call out my name and wait for me to come to Him? Does He really chase after me, persue me and never get tired? Why would I be worthy of that? I've done nothing worthy of this love? Then a song comes on or I catch a glimpse of a sunrise, I catch a glimpse of who I am in His word and I think wow. That grace is for me. That love really is for ME.

Catching sight of His love makes me long for more. Every time He speaks through someone in our Sunday Worship Services, every time He speaks to me through a friend, every time He speaks directly to me makes me litterally ache for more. I want to hear His voice, I want Him to speak to me again, the silence is almost deafening but it's in the stillness He's telling me to wait, He's teaching me. He's never silent, even when it feels to me like He is, He's still there, still working still watching and still protecting.

Writing this makes me want to cry because He's so active in my life, I feel Him everywhere, even when I don't feel Him all I have to do is remember. It's not enough for me to tell you though, you have to experience this love for yourself. He wants that intimacy with each one of His children.

I hope and pray you've caught a glimpse of His love for yourself. It doesn't even matter how many mistakes you've made, His love never changes. It never fails.

I'm sure this was longer than 5 minutes. But oh well, we'll call it 10 minute Friday (smiles)


Lisa said...

Mandy, this is truly beautiful! God loves us so much that He takes time to show us/tell us everyday. He is the everlasting, awesome, amazing God, and He pursues us. :)
Love the song too - I've never heard it before.

Heidi said...

Beautiful pouring out of your heart Mandy... I "caught" a glimpse of your obvious deep love for Him :) Blessings dear friend!

Jenifer said...

God has done so much in you girl that it AMAZES me. You are His and you are beautiful and you have a call on your life.