Monday, October 17, 2011

Blessings in the trials

There's been quite a lot on my heart latley. Worry has started creeping back into my life with winter coming my husband won't be able to do yard work for my family any more and that extra money was a blessing that kept us above water. But God knows how He will provide so it's not for me to worry about.

Memories of the past keep flooding my heart making me sad and angry again. Every time I let go they come back in waves. But God is bigger and I'm thankful for my past, He's using it for HIS good and it's not mine to worry about so I continue to let go and keep praying.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with this mothering task ahead of me, I'm just a girl. How can I possibly be a mother and a wife trying with all my strength to pull my family into God's will for us on my own? I'm tired, tired of the struggle. I'm reminded right now again though to let go and let God handle it. It's not my job to pull our family to Him, it's His to bring us to Him. It's impossible to do what He wants in MY own strength. I don't have control of this, He does and it's not mine to worry about.

So in all my worry and sense of being overwhelmed I feel like I should remember my blessings. I'm too blessed to be stressed.

Today I'm thankful for

1) Snuggle time with my daughter
2) Butterfly kisses with my son
3) Quiet evenings at home building block towers and watching princess movies with my family
4) An amazing opportunity to help people through the food pantry
5) God's provision to keep our electricy on
6) Warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream
7) Having my husband home and actually hanging out with us for a whole 24 hours.
8) A warm bed on cold mornings
9) Being able to cry out to God and His answer before I even realize it
10) God persuing ME, God wanting to spend more time with me.
11) Trials that bring me closer to my Jesus.

I think being thankful, and realizing my blessings keeps me grounded. Counting our blessings lets us see that God is truly in control and He really does see us.

What are you thankful for today?


Lisa said...

Love your list, Mandy. God is so faithful. It's important to remember all the ways He has already provided to remind us that He will continue to love and care for us.

Kelli said...

Oh Mandy, I can feel your pain. But one thing I can say, is you are not alone sweet sister. I could be writing the same heart filled words today. But I love how you came back to the important fact that God is responsible for the results, and we are not to sit and wallow in the worry. Being able to count your blessings in the midst of a storm is true spiritual maturity. Hugs!;)

Jenifer said...

Great list Mandy! God is our Provider. He knows our needs before we do.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

We all go through those moments where our demons come out to torment us Mandy, but focusing on the wonderful array of Blessings God brings to our lives each day helps to put those negatives back into their proper perspective.

Great list!

Have a Blessed Day!