Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tot School Tuesday - Preparation

Welcome to the first Tot School Tuesday. There are a lot of new people to my blog lately, (Thank you so much I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my readers and am deeply  humbled that anyone would want to read my words) So I've decided to give you a little background about myself. 

I used to work for a bank. I was there for 6 years until God called me out. My husband had just fallen off a roof but that didn't stop God from whispering to my heart that He wanted to start something new with me and my family. It was a day in December, I was sitting at my desk and an overwhelming sense to quit my job came over me. I disliked that job very much and had daydreams of walking out too many times to count but this time was different. It was one of those little nudges from God that tells you something amazing is about to happen. From that first day on, there was nothing but arguing with God (God I promise I'll start liking my job, don't make me quit where's the money going to come from) to being impassioned with faith, to telling people about it and getting some really weird looks and some downright anger and also some amazing support from sweet sisters. In March I finally gave my notice and walked out of my job of 6 years. I had no idea where I was going, what I was going to do or how our bills would be paid but I did it because my Heavenly Daddy told me to and after the wild roller coaster He had just brought me out of I wanted nothing more than to please Him and I wanted every bit of what He had for me.

It was shortly after that, that I took my kids out of Daycare and we began our journey of mom and preschoolers learning to get along. My kids had only ever gotten me for weekends and 2 hours a night while I worked so I had no idea how to be a full time mom and they had no idea what I was getting them in to. It's been a journey to say the least. There were (and still are) some days that end in tears and it's not my kids that are the ones crying. There are days where I throw them at my husband and run upstairs to scream into my pillow and my Bible. My Bible has more tear stains than my pillow most days. I got some great advice from my sweet sisters, I got awesome encouragement, God filled divine appointments with friends but I believe this journey is more about God showing me who I am than me being the "perfect mother" whatever that is.

When God told me to start "Tot School" I thought He meant start another blog but He set me right and here we are. I don't pretend to be the perfect mother, the one who has it all together. There are some days I really want to lock my children in their rooms and eat a gallon of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, there are days where I scream and cry to God asking Him to fix my children because they are crazy then there are even more days where I cry and beg Him to change me so I can be the mother they deserve. God is working on me and I'm learning.

Tot School Tuesdays are what my preschoolers and I are learning in our day. Tea Parties and Cops and Robbers wasn't working for us so I've decided after much prayer and research to start homeschooling them. I'm not a patient person, but I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I don't know what is going to work and not work for us, I've never done this before so we're going to experiment and I'm going to share with you what we're working on.

We're starting School in September but my husband and I have been hard at work getting our room ready. We don't have an actual house so we're going to be learning down in our cement floor/wall basement/laundry room. My husband has found some carpet, and I've been making posters to hang on the walls to make it as homey and colorful down there as possible. All of the printouts/cut-outs you see below, I've gotten from here listed under "Bulletin Board" They are sooo easy to make and so much fun! That website has things for kids and parents of all ages, it's meant for Sunday School Teachers but I can't wait to use it for our classroom! If you have any questions about things you see on Tot School Tuesdays or my blog in general feel free to contact me at I love hearing from my readers. I am sorry for the pictures being so dark, I couldn't find my camera so I used my cell phone for this post. I will look for my camera and get some better pictures for you asap.
Join me for another Tot School Tuesday next week as I reveal more of our school room and share the lesson plans I've made for my children! It's going to be great!!

This picture says "God Created" and it has the stars, planet earth, trees and a river. Under the river I'm going to put pictures of our family so "God Created...the stars, earth, land and water...and US!"
 I love this poster. It has the "Jesus Fish, and following "Jesus" are 4 other fish and I added the verse: I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12 

I love this picture, "Following Jesus Rains Blessings" the flowers are so cute.


Jenifer said...

You are doing an awesome job, Mandy!

I love where you say your Bible has more tear stains than your pillow. Why is it we just cry, when we should be crying out to Him?

Lisa said...

This is cool, Mandy! God is blessing you and you are sharing that with other moms. :) Keep crying out to Jesus because He definitely has a plan for your life!

Heidi said...

Mandy, loved reading this post! I've spent the whole day preparing for my first 9 weeks of homeschooling. I'm not even close to being done and we start next Monday. I always get excited when there's another homeschool mom out there to celebrate and cry with... it's not an easy job, but I know for sure it's THE job God gave me! I can't wait to hear how your doing with it all... it's going to be great!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

I've been following your blog for quite a while Mandy, and have been so excited for you to see where God is leading your life. I pray that His Voice continues to guide you, and that your Tot School Blesses your children (and their Mom... :-))!

Have a Blessed Day!