Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Job

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

I joined the Worship Team at my Church and last Sunday was the first time I sang for a service. It was amazing. I thought I was worshipping out in the croud but WOW there's something about being up on the alter worshipping full force hearing the congregation sing with was beautiful.

Before we went out to start the service I whispered a prayer to God that I wouldn't be performing, that I would be worshipping and that it would be sweet for His ears and it would be pleasing to Him. I just wanted to make God smile.

I was scared at first. I'm better at being in the background, not to be seen or heard just there and if you see fit to speak to me then I will speak back...but God has different plans and it's becoming more clear He wants me in the front (smiles). When I got up there and started singing, the fear went away and it was just me and was beautiful (I can't say that enough, it seems like such an understatement)

After I was done though, several people came up to me to say "good job, you did great". I didn't know what to say, I wasn't performing, I was worshipping. It didn't matter once we started if I sang badly because God was there in the croud with us and He WAS smiling.

Do you ever have an event, something special you are doing for God that's infront of people. Or maybe it's just at your Church service,  I hope and pray I didn't just perform, that my heart was clear...I welcome the praise but really it didn't have anything to do with me. I was with Jesus that day as were the rest of the team. I would hope the congregation went home and praised God for the beautiful service Sunday morning. We were tools God used that day to draw His people to Him.
I can't wait to do it again!


Jenifer said...

I have had people say great job, and I think, I didn't do anything that was all God. I want God to get the glory, not me. Yet I am realizing, through complementing others in the same way, that I can see God through them. So when we people are telling you good job, I know they are seeing Christ in what you did. As you said, we are God's tools.

BTW, loved seeing you up there being used by God. :)

Lisa said...

I've struggled with receiving compliments too. If it's good, it's God, not me. I love what Jenifer said. May people say something like that because they see Jesus in me. Just continue to worship Jesus and focus only on Him. I told you how it moved me to see you worshiping. :)

Kelli said...

How great that you stood out of the crowd and praised Jesus! Even though you were scared you were obedient! Great job!

Heidi said...

I wasn't even there and I can see through your words that you weren't performing... it was in your heart to be worshiping Him and so that's exactly what you did and rest assured He knows it :)

Allison said...

I too sing on the P&W team at my church and it still terrifies me to death to be up in front of people...and I've been doing it for 8 years now. Satan uses this against me and I pray every week for my words and voice to be for Him and not for myself or even for the crowd...just Him.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

So wonderful to hear it was that uplifting an experience for you Mandy! :-)

Have a Blessed Day!