Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A love that can't be measured

5 years 9 months~
That's how long I've worked at the bank.
5 1/2 years
That's how long I've been married.
3 years.
That's how long I've had my two beautiful babies.
9 months.
That's how long I've been with God.

9 months. Just nine months ago I was "that" girl. The one with all the problems. The one so loaded down by her burden that she was walking around in a fog. The girl without any friends. The invisible one. The one who talked and thought about divorce every day for 2 years. The one who turned to food for comfort and acceptance. The one who searched high and low in all the wrong places for the love she desperatley desired, The girl who longed to be noticed, who longed to be loved but who only got ridicule and judgement.

I cry just thinking about it.

Look how far God has brought me. It is all about Him after all. I sure didn't do this. Today is my last day at my job. God told me 2 months ago to quit my job. He didn't tell me when, He just told me to do it so I started praying about the "when" and He finally told me one Sunday morning and the very next day I put in my notice. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. What do you have for me Father. What can I do for You. You've done so much for me.

You've brought me friends. True friends. You've created in me a hunger for the Truth. A hunger for more of Your Word. A hunger to make you proud. You've allowed me to be part of a new ministry. You've allowed me to encourage others with my journey on this blog. You've allowed my husband and I to fix our marriage and we continually move closer and closer to you as a couple. You've allowed me a Church family and you've opened a spot up for me on the worship team. You saved my life Father and now you hold me so close that I know nothing will separate us, even when I'm disobedient even as I'm a sinner you still hold me in your loving embrace. You've shown me a love like nothing I've ever experienced, a love that can't be measured.

I'm not "that girl" anymore. God is restoring me, He continues to heal my heart. He gave me a second chance. I'm beautiful because I'm His. If you are feeling like "that" girl today. You are not alone.

He sees you. He knows you. He knows your pain. He loves you.

Do you need a second chance today? He's waiting for you with outstretched arms. He's calling to you and He's waiting for you. His grace is enough, His love is enough to cover anything you might have done or said or even thought. He's enough for YOU.


Eileen said...

What beautiful words of encouragement! I still look back on how God turned my life around when I surrendered to Him and I am STILL in awe! It was definitely undeserving and I will spend the rest of my days praising Him for His grace in my life.
Beautiful post! I hope anyone who needs to know how much they are loved today will find there way to this post :)

Debi said...

Mandy, you made me cry! I am praying for you today. Don't let the enemy have even an nth of leeway today! Give God the glory all day for what He is doing. Don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you you are crazy for quitting! You KNOW that you are doing what God wants you to do. Obedience to Him is all that matters. I am amazed at the work He has already done in you and cannot wait to see this journey unfold! Love you, Girl!!!

Jenifer said...

You are not 'that girl' any more! You are a JESUS GIRL!!! God has such a great plan for you and I am so excited to see where He takes you.

Lisa said...

It's hard to remember the "girl" you were 9 months ago, because you're not even the same. Jesus got ahold of you and you are now His girl. What an exciting journey to be on!

Deane said...

Mandy, I am with Eileen, I pray anyone that needs to know the Lord will find their way to your blog and read it and hold what you have said dear to them. You are living proof of what the Lord can and will do. Not only does He work in your life, He will work in anyone's life as He has mine also. There isn't one thing that is impossible for the Lord to do. He can bring a person from anywhere to where you are today. You have been an obedient child and I know without a doubt He has big plans for you. Everyone will be amazed. Your post is an amazing one, thanks. Blessings to you.

Heidi said...

What a wonderful post Mandy, your heart is all over it... your new heart, the one He fashioned just for you! You are indeed beautiful and I'm so blessed by your words. I was a "that girl" too, so thank you for causing me to reflect on all He's done for me :) Blessings!

Allison said...

Here's to ya no longer being 'that' girl, but a Jesus girl all the way! He is so much better than anything else we could ever want...

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt testimony this was Mandy. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I pray that your eloquent words will reach the heart of others that need this encouragement.

Have a Blessed Day!