Thursday, March 17, 2011

A gift and a warning

In my Bible reading yesterday I came across something that really stuck out at me, you've probably all read Numbers. The Israelites complain about EVERYTHING. They've experienced wonder after wonder. God has proven His faithfulness time and time again to these people but they still complain. Every time something is too hard or takes too long to accomplish they speak out against God and against Moses.

This time, when they grumbled about Moses and God, God heard them and sent down snakes to attack them. The snakes bit them and some died and the Israelites got scared and asked Moses to pray for them. God told Moses to build a bronze snake and to have the people look at it in faith and they would be healed from the snake bites. (Numbers 21:4-9)

It seems like a very strange gift to give such a people who are used to worshipping idols of different objects, but who are we to question God. Anyway My Bible commentary says that while the snake itself had no power to cure, it served as an object of focus. It served as a reminder of the punishment God can bring on them and of the remedy He provides.

While we can think to ourselves man these people are crazy, He gives them this gift of healing and then they turn it around in to something evil, an idol worship...but how many times have we done that.

God blessed me by allowing me to stop working, telling me He would be provider of my family. It felt so good to get up this morning and not have to get ready for work, it felt GREAT to sleep in and not feel rushed to get the kids off to daycare. It took me until 9:30 this morning to spend time with Him though. I did everything but open my Bible this morning. Am I using this great feeling of not having to work as an "idol"? I sure hope not. Today was going to be my first day of seeking God, really seeking Him and His plans for me.

Don't get so caught up in your plans, and your chores and your life that you forget Me. I have plans for you, be careful how you spend this time I've given you.

So what gifts has He given you that you've not used properly. Maybe He blessed you with a sum of money and instead of asking how He would have you spend it you go crazy with shopping, Maybe He's blessed you with more time. Are you using that time wisely, spending it for God. My sweet sister talks about this in her blog today. I'm glad our Father loves us enough to re-direct us when we start to run off without Him. Like any child and parent, we need to hold His hand and walk with Him, even when He blesses us.

Father thank you for this time you've given me, I'm sorry I didn't turn to you FIRST today. Lord thank You for showing me what I've done wrong and allowing me to fix it. I love you Lord.


Lisa said...

This is really good! How many times has God given me a blessing and I've used it for my own good? I want to turn every blessing into praise. He has given me the gift of time; I want to use it wisely.

Heidi said...

I confess that I am a poor manager of my time... He's working on me though! I want Him to be my first in everything and I want my faith to be in Him and nothing else. Idols are sneaky things, aren't they?! I'm praying for a watchful heart, to clearly see when I've put something ahead of God or given something the power that only God has! Thank you for this reminder! Blessings!

PS... love the new background :)

Debi said...

As Heidi said, I, too am a poor manager of my time. I have an issue with MY time because it is MY time...but, is it really MY time? No...I only have the TIME because God has given it to me. I will continue to pray for you to be able to use this time of seeking wisely. I know that He has something great planned for you.

Jenifer said...

Great post Mandy! I want to use everything for God's glory. I want to turn blessings into praise. Thank you for this reminder.

Allison said...

Great reminder! Our best laid plans can be waylaid quiet easily by Satan. All he needs is a tiny foothold and he's got us! Glad you realized it and know that He is always there when you're ready to meet with Him.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Wonderful reminder Mandy! It's very easy to allow the goings-on around us take our focus away from seeking His Guidance first.

Have a Blessed Day!

JT said...

It seems that when we face a problem our first thought is what am I going to do about this? We should react by taking our problems straight to God. I added myself as a follower. God bless you.