Friday, February 11, 2011

A Human Shaped Box

I've been reading in Exodus during my quiet time. The whole book is good but today something really jumped out at me.

On the morning of the 3rd day, there was thunder and lightning with a thick cloud over the mountain and a very loud trumpet blast. Every one in the camp trembled, then Moses lead the people out of the camp to meet with God and they stood at the foot of the mountain. Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, the whole mountain trembled violently and the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder. Then Moses spoke and the voice of God answered him. Exodus 19:16-19

All too often I personally try to put God in a box. A small standard Human box. But this passage and through-out the whole Word He shows us and tries to convince us just how BIG He really is.

No one can measure the depths of His understanding. If we were able to count sand particles on a beach, then we'd be able to measure how much this glorious God loves us. God sees the whole picture, beginning, middle and ending and all the inbetween times too.

God is just too big to be measured by Human standards. He knows all about us, every single minute detail - every sin we have committed and every sin we will committ. He knows when we will fall and when we will cry out to Him to pick us up again.

Our God tells the ocean waves how to move and when to move and He makes mountains shake violently.

It's impossible to understand why a God like this loves us so much but He does. He looks for us, He calls our name and He waits for us.

It's impossible to put God in a Human shaped box, in all His glory, in all His mountain moving wave shaping glory, above everything else He loves us.

I for one am so glad He's too big for my human shaped box.


Debi said...

Makes me think of that kids' song...if I had a little red box...I love that song...used to sing it all the time with the little ones. I, too, am thankful that God doesn't fit into our finite little boxes!

Steve Finnell said...

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Jenifer said...

Excellent post! We do try to limit God, or put Him in a box. He is all powerful. I do not want to put limitations on my God. Thank you for this!

Allison said...

God is so big that I can't comprehend Him in my human mind. I guess that's why I try to 'humanize' Him into a box that I can grasp--but I can't! He's beyond anything I could ever imagine :-)

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Wonderful post Mandy!

I completely agree... The fact He's far too big for our limited understanding, and yet still loves us completely truly is a miracle.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Lisa said...

We posted on the same thing today - love it when God does that. Our God is an awesome God!

Eileen said...

He is bigger than we can ever fathom and He loves us more than we could ever fathom. Great post :)

Heidi said...

So great... you and Lisa are in sync today, God is awesome! Happy Friday Mandy!