Monday, December 13, 2010


If you've ever been told a lie, then you know how hurt you feel after you find out the truth. If you've ever told a lie, then you know how much trouble is caused from someone finding out the truth.

If the spirit is living inside you, you are in a battle. I've been told so many lies latley. It's really hard to keep those lies from entering my heart. It would be so easy to just let them consume me, let bitterness wrap it's nasty arms around me and for me to just live in the anger. I'm fighting it, fighting hard against anger, bitterness, fear...I don't want to live like that anymore. Every time I let my mind wonder the evil whispers start. I praise God, for His truth is a light in the darkness...He shines light on these evil's some that I battle daily..

Lie: My kids are next...
Truth: God never sleeps, my children are His children, He calls them to Him and protects them in love. Bad things might happen, but He goes before them and makes a way through the bad stuff. He's holding them even more tightly than I am.
Lie: This is my fault, I let my mind wonder to worst case scenario every time he got on a ladder and so now it happened...
Truth: No, this is not my fault, we live in a fallen world. Sometimes people fall off ladders and get hurt, but God was right there in the midst of trouble providing protection.
Lie: I'm completley alone in this because I'm too angry and emotional and God is mad at me...
Truth: No, I'm not alone, sure I'm pretty emotional right now, but God is right next to me waiting for me to get a grip and run to Him.
Lie: Your husband is broken, your kids are rebelling, things will never be the same, he will never get better, there's no reason to praise God anymore, there's no reason to be happy anymore but that's ok..
Truth: God is the creator of all things, we were on His mind before we were born, He protects and guides us even when we don't realize it and I will praise Him even more because I love Him.

Sometimes when you seem to be in the dark, and there is no end in sight..God is speaking to us even in the trouble. He wants to meet us in our struggles and fellowship with us. It's times like these when we have to press further in to God, when we have to say "I run to you God, show me You're still here, I need you". Instead of letting these lies get me down any longer I'm going to press in to God, I would love nothing more than everything to go back to normal, for my walk with God to be like it was but maybe...maybe it's time for more's time to press in...whatever it takes.


Lisa said...

Mandy, I'm so glad you recognize these things as lies from satan. He wants to use this situation to pull you away from God, but you're doing the right thing by running to God. Don't fall away from God, fall on Him! Last week your husband fell off a two story roof. Yesterday, he was in church with you and your kids. Hallelujah! We don't know what our future holds, but we KNOW that God holds our future. Listen to the Voice of Truth.

Jenifer said...

Satan is the father of lies. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. Sometimes it can be heard to tune him out. But I choose to listen to the truth of Christ over the lies of satan.

God IS beside you. This is NOT your fault. Your husband WILL get better.

Thank you for posting this.

AveryHome said...

We tell the worst lies to ourselves and we give Satan a foothold when we believe them! We all do it, the key is recognizing it and praise His name that you have. Thank you for another great post Mandy!