Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I never thought we'd get through this year to be honest. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. My Lord has pulled my family and I out of a very dark hole and I am forever thankful. We should be thankful every day of the year, not just on thanksgiving, but because tomorrow is Thanksgiving I thought I would share my list with all of you. All of these blessings come from my Heavenly Father.

 Give thanks
 With a grateful heart
 Give Thanks
 To the Holy One
 Give Thanks
 For He's Given
 Jesus Christ, His Son

I'm thankful for Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I am nothing and would be nothing even now without Him and His grace. I'm thankful for what He did on the cross and what He does daily in my life.
I'm thankful that nothing can pull me from the love of God, He's with me always.
I'm thankful for my husband, He is patient and kind even when things get tough.
I'm thankful for my two beautiful kids. They keep me on my toes but they are so goofy and make my husband and I laugh and they teach us even when we don't notice.
I'm thankful that even in the tough times, God provided food and a roof over our heads. He still provides even now, even when we don't really deserve it, He provides.
I'm thankful for my family, I know I can turn to them for help and support any time and they would do whatever they could to help us.
I'm thankful that both my husband and I have jobs that do provide payment for bills, God has blessed us with paychecks and our needs are met.
I'm thankful for my sweet sisters, they encourage me, they pray for me and I know without a doubt they are there for me no matter what. I prayed and cried that God would bring me a friend, someone to confide in and He brought me several amazing sisters. I cherish your friendship, just thought I'd let you know.

None of these things are possible without God's provision, don't forget Him in the business of the Holiday, He wants to celebrate with you too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, have a blessed safe Holiday.

 And now let the weak say
 I am strong
 Let the poor say
I am rich
 because of what
 The Lord has done
 For us


Jenifer said...

Beautiful list! You are a blessed woman with two very sweet and precious babies! I love them. Like you said, I think it is so important to show thanks all year long, not just Thanksgiving. Love ya!

Debi said...

Mandy, you are an amazing young woman! I love to watch you as God unfolds His great mysteries in your life! And you are right...not just at Thanksgiving...but EVERY day we need to be thanking God for His great mercies and love!

Lisa said...

I want to live a life of gratitude for all my Lord and Savior has provided for me. You are a beautiful woman of God. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelli said...

Amen sister! We all have so much to be thankful for. Being thankful in the hard times isnt always easy but that is what God wants for us. In return for a thankful heart He provides a peaceful heart! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Alida said...

May God continue to pour out His blessings on you and your family. Happy thanksgiving!

AveryHome said...

I am also thankful for most everything on your list. When we remember that what we have is God's provision for us it helps to accept it for what it is (good or bad), it helps to be grateful no matter what. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!