Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hug tightly, love loosely written 12/4/2010

This weekend I learned nothing is certain, there’s no guarantee in life. Tomorrow is not promised.

Psalms 91:4 He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge.

Friday my husband was painting and fell 15 feet, landed on his feet and fell forwards. While everyone yelled don’t move and stay still, he prayed. I don’t know what he said to God but above everything else, he turned to God.

Psalms 91:5 You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.

He has 4 fractured vertebrae. A possible fractured heel, 3-4 months recovery and a back brace in his future. We are still in the hospital. I would like to say it has all been roses and sunshine but that would be a lie. God does not promise roses and sunshine.

For His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

I have never been so weak. God has his hand in all of this, and we continue to give him the glory, even in my tears. He sent his angels to help my husband from more serious injury, he spoke to me about worry a few days before this event and even now I feel him in our small hospital room sitting between us.

I’m controlling, I don’t hide it but I could not control this. I’m not able to process this event on my own but I don’t have to. He is strong, He knew and saw this and prepared us for this. Tonight I have peace. God is holding us tightly and he has a most perfect plan for all of this.

We are children of God, He will be victorious. I will hug my husband tightly tonight. He is blessed, He is alive. I will love him more loosely so God can work his miracles. My husband will be able to hear from God better when I quiet down and let go of the situation and let God take care of this.

I do ask him if he’s ok every 5 minutes and ask him tons of questions. I Jump to his every groan but peace is my garment of choice on this night.

The Lord is our refuge. The secret place of the most high is our dwelling, Angels guard our room. No harm may enter. Because we love him, he protects us. Psalms 91:9-14

**Update we are home, he's ok just in a lot of pain, he did not fracture his heel, just sprained his foot, I wrote several blogs while in the hospital and I will share them with you each day..**


Deane said...

I am glad your husband is home. I know you both will do fine as you have God in your life. You have given it to Him. Faith is what we all need and you have it, how awesome. God cares for you and will always take care of you. Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings to you both.

Jenifer Metzger said...

I cried, again, after reading this. I know that I know God was carrying John down from that roof. It could have been so much worse but it wasn't because of God's hands. He is our Great Physician and our Comfort. He is doing mighty things in the both of you. This is already a great testimony to the power of God.

Kelli said...

Oh no. I am praying for y'all right now. What an awesome example of faith your husband showed. He prayed right away. That's the best the to do. Even though it hurts, I pray that God is glorified in this. Maybe your husband praying at the scene will make others think twice about their salvation. I hope he will have a quick recovery.

Unknown said...

I cried again too. Oh Mandy! Seeing God move in this situation has made me love Him even more! His hand is all over you! He loves you!!! I see that so clearly. And I know that is He loves you this much, He loves me too. What an example of His grace and mercy. God so definitely has a plan for your life and I believe this is just another part of it. What a testimony!!!

Unknown said...

So husband is in construction and *almost* fell off a 15 foot ladder Monday...he gripped with a death claw into the roof until his helper steadied the ladder....more like God put the ladder back under his feet.
Praying for you and your husband that you'll continue to see God and that his pain will be controlled.