Thursday, September 8, 2011

All about self control

Self Control. One of the fruits of the Spirit. Sometimes I feel like I didn't receive this fruit, or that I ate it too fast to taste it (smiles)

God is really working on me about self control. My flesh wants to pig out on having the last word in every argument. I crave being right, I crave telling my husband and my kids just how wrong they are.

The ONLY thing we should be "pigging out" on is Him. Personally, there are days when I feel like I can't wait to get through my quiet time to go on with my day. There are other days, when my walk is good that I don't want to stop reading my Bible, I don't want to stop sitting in His presence. There's nothing, NOTHING better than God.

Whom have I in heaven but You? And earth has nothing I desire besides You. My felsh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:25,26

I came across this verse in my quiet time this morning, and it REALLY spoke to my heart.

This morning was a good example of self control being used with my mouth. I'm NOT a morning person. Since I was a teenager, I required at least 30 minutes after I woke up before anyone spoke to me or asked me questions. My brain can't process it and I am SO grumpy. I would make this excuse "it's just how I am", but now I think, well why is that just how I am. There's so many reasons to be joyful, why do I need to wake up grumpy.

My son woke up at 5 this morning. I don't know why, my alarm doesn't go off until 6 and he doesn't usualy wake up until after 7. He was laying behind his door singing at the top of his lungs and every once in a while he would call to his sister trying to wake her up. (We have a lock on his door because he has been known to wander through the house when we're sleeping, he's 2) She is SO hard to get back to sleep when she wakes up so I rolled over out of a dead sleep and yelled at him to go back to sleep. Where was my husband in this, well he was downstairs doing who knows what. 30 minutes later, my son woke me up again singing behind his door, yelling for my daughter to wake up (Thank God she was still sound asleep) The mean mommy appeared and I huffed and puffed into his room, put his little butt back to bed, spanked him and slammed his door shut. (Not one of my finer moments I must admit.)

This is a story about self control because I got myself all worked into a hissy fit, marching down the stairs about ready to give my husband a tounge lashing for not stepping in and taking care of HIS son when God so clearly spoke to my heart and said NO. It took me a minute to register what had just happened, it was like someone holding their hand over my mouth (Thank you Jesus, that's what I prayed for in my quiet times the last few weeks). My mind wouldn't stop there though, I was MAD and as I came down the stairs I thought of a different way to say what my tounge really wanted to say, whip my husband up a good one, when God again said NO. Ok Lord, my anger fizzeled and I got downstairs and there my husband was cleaning the kitchen, he never does this anymore so it was a blessing.

Self Control has to be practiced. You don't just get it right the first time, especially when you're not used to using this fruit at all. I've been known to just let my tounge take me where it wanted. Whipping and lashing everyone close to me up one side and down the other. By telling me no, and spiritually putting His hand over my mouth, God was telling me it's time to start practicing this.

We use (are supposed to use) self control for our food choices too, smaller plates = smaller portions. By having smaller portions of food, anger, hurt feelings, self doubt, fear, we gain a bigger knowledge of God and how He is to be used as our portion. The things of this world are unhealthy, they will tear your spirit apart and the penalty is death so why in the world would we want to feed our selves, our families the things of this world. Why would we knowingly submit our loved ones to our attitudes, all the while knowing we are spewing junk into their lives and giving our tounges all the control.

I am by no means an expert on this subject, there are A LOT of things I need to start using self control for, but the point is I'm trying, and if you're trying too God will bless that. Try practicing self control today, start small. Words have more impact on your soul and your family than your food choices do in the long run. God looks at the heart, what shape is your heart in today?


Lisa said...

Boy can I relate to this post! I've had trouble with my tongue and if not my tongue, then definitely my thoughts. But God is doing a work. Just this morning I wanted to get mad about something but God reminded me that it wasn't my problem, but His. It was up to me to speak but to let God speak. He is creating a softer, gentler me and I think I like this new person. ;) Great encouragement, Mandy!

Kelli said...

I agree with Lisa. I can relate too! I constantly ask the Holy Spirit for the power of self-control. Control over my actions, thoughts, and words that can sometimes run rampant throughout my day. But I loved when you said, "I don't want to stop reading my Bible, I don't want to stop sitting in His presence." I want to sit in his presence which is really the only place I can tap into the power of self-control! Great post Mandy:))

Faith Confessions said...

I am not going to lie I have never prayed for self control in my quiet moments. I have found myself asking for help in instances but somehow it never spilled over into my everyday. Thank you very much for introducing this to me. I definitely need to practice better self control in many parts of my life. I try so hard to do good and be good but as Lisa said it is often in my thoughts and I need to pray and recognize that those thoughts are powerful even if they do not turn into words.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Thankfully Mandy, you've opened yourself to God's voice enough that when self-control wasn't in the picture... God control took over! :-)

We all allow the inner demons to come out now and again, but like you demonstrated, God can reign that in when we're open to His involvement.

Have a Blessed Day!