Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't look back - Get Fit Thursday

I don't pretend to know everything. Actually I'm quite open about how much I don't know. As I was thinking/praying about what to write for today I started thinking, you know I really don't have the authority to write about getting fit, health or self issues. I have self doubt, and self loathing, fear, anxiety...a laundry list of issues and as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror this evening I about cried because once again this whole getting fit thing isn't working for me.

My goal is to walk a mile each day (give or take a little because I don't actually know how far it is from my house to the spot I turn around to come back, but I'm working on finding out) I've been doing really well at keeping to that goal. I put my kids in the wagon and off we go. I can't say it's easy, they weight 20-30 lbs each but it has been rather fun and they really enjoy our walks. I have this little app on my cell phone called Endomondo, it's supposed to calculate speed, distance and time and calories lost well it doesn't do anything expect time me.

Against my better judgement I peeked at the scale this morning after my walk and it said I had gained 3lbs...I've walked more in a week than I've ever walked so once again I've failed.

Wait...failed? This is one of those times to really pray. When you're feeling like a failure, when nothing is working out for you, when you catch that glimpse in the mirror and think you're horrible and how could God ever love someone like you.

Worship is a muscle, praise is a muscle. You should be exercising these mucles every day so when you really need them, they are there for you to turn to and rely on. Self doubt and fear and anxiety and all the other things that have the potential to keep you down and quiet and away from God is like fat. When you worship and praise and pray the fat of your mind starts drifting away and you can start to see clearly again.

This is going to be a journey, one that obviously God thinks I'm ready for. Tonight I'm going to worship instead of give in to frustration. I'm going to pray that those 3 lbs were the muscles in my legs gearing up and I'm going to keep going. I'm not going to pay attention to the little voice in my head telling me to give up because God is bigger and He's telling me to let go and trust Him.

No more looking at the scale, it's not about what I've lost, it's about what I'm gaining, self worth, boldness, courage, an identity with eternity with God by my side.


Jenifer said...

"Worship is a muscle, praise is a muscle. You should be exercising these mucles every day.." I LOVE that!! We need to exercise those muscles each and every day, even when we don't feel like it.

GREAT post!

Lisa said...

Oh Mandy! I love this truth - "it's not about what I've lost, it's about what I'm gaining." Nothing that we give up - whether it be weight, sweets, money, self, doubt, worry, etc, compares to what we will gain with God. Amen! That little voice is in for a fight. ;)

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Mandy... This was SOOOO great : "Worship is a muscle, praise is a muscle. You should be exercising these mucles every day so when you really need them, they are there for you to turn to and rely on."

You've got it... And you'll reach those goals you set when you have God in your sights. :-)

Have a Blessed Day!

Lindsay said...

I have felt these frustrations oh so many times! Keep it up though! You are so right in the fact that what you're gaining in spiritual exercise is of utmost importance! Thanks for this encouragement!

Faith Confessions said...

Oh my friend how I can so relate to you. As someone who has always struggled with weight and self esteem it was not until recently that I realized that God made me and loves me. It is for him I want to get fit and be the best I can. That has really helped me. I love that you remind us we need to keep exercising our worshiping! May I suggest a book that was and is great help for me? Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron-Bure. It really has taught me about my body and how to see it through God's eyes and on an open and honest level. It truly has helped me when I go to exercise or go to the fridge. Much love and blessings!

Heidi said...

You and me sister... we're on the same page more than we're not :) This is a constant battle for me too and you're right it's not about what we're losing it IS about about what we're gaining... great perspective!