Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fire fall down

I've been reading 1st Kings in my quiet time latley and I've heard some people talk about the story of Elijah but have never actually read it for myself...until today.

Elijah goes to Isreal and confronts their king about all the trouble he's been causing God's people. He decides to organize a little bbq (smiles) in which all hte people gather two cows they are going to sacrifice to God and their gods. They cut the cows up and Elijah tells them to call on their god to set the alter on fire. Isreal does everything they can think of to call on their god. They dance around, yell and even cut themselves and still nothing happens. Then Elijah sets up his alter, he has to rebuild it because it's in shambles from trying to call on Isreal's god. He then instructs the people to start pouring water over the whole thing so that only the One true God can set fire to this thing. After it's soaked to the brim he prays a simple but heartfelt prayer. "God please let it be known, show them Lord, open their eyes that You are real and their One and only God" all of a sudden God rains down fire and everything burns into flame, not just the alter but the wood, stone, soil and the water. 1st Kings 18:16-39

I have idols in my life. Things that turn my attention away from God. Things that I don't really need, distractions. Things of my past that I wish would just go away. Anger issues, the desire to have a house. Wanting a house in itself isn't wrong but the fact that sometimes it's all I can think about, the want consumes me if I'm not careful. The boulders I can't move on my own, the shyness, the weight issue...there are tons of idols. Lots of "gods" that we don't realize are in our lives until it's too late.

I find myself wishing that God would just get rid of them, just open my eyes and help me clean everything up. Then I start thinking well maybe He won't, maybe I'm stuck with this struggle for ever...I wonder if you have something like this in your life? Do you think He won't help you?

The point is, what makes you think He won't? What makes me think He won't? We were made for victory and the truth is He is very capable and very willing to rain down His all consuming fire on the idols and gods in our lives so HE is the only thing we can see.

Do you have something that needs to burst into flames? Let Him have it today.


Eileen said...

Nice reminder that God is bigger than our most consuming idols. We need to trust that He is!

Lisa said...

I love that question - do I have something that needs to burst into flames? You know I do. I'm gonna turn it over to Jesus and let Him send the fire. Great post!

Kelli said...

"I have idols in my life. Things that turn my attention away from God. Things that I don't really need, distractions." So true. We all have "little gods" - things that take our eyes off Jesus. We have to identify them and get them out of our lives. Sometimes its hard. I find myself asking for help with that! Great post!!

Jenifer said...

Great post. I am giving Him everything!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Wonderful post Mandy.

God's certainly bigger than anything we can throw at Him, so it's a no-contest event when we're truly able to lay our burdens and pains at His feet.

Have a Blessed Day!

Reformed rebel said...

Great post Mandy.

I have often thought God won't help me. And then find that if I just turn it over to Him...He will!

Blessings in Him