Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As Christians we all want answers. We are supposed to turn to God in every aspect of our lives. I'm learning in our Bible Study class that God even wants to be involved in our food choices *shocker to me* but that's a whole different topic of conversation...

We are supposed to ask/pray continually. Some of us fast, some meditate, sometimes we lay face down in our secret place begging and crying out to God for the answers we so desperatley seek at any given time.

I'm the cryer. I cry, I beg I lay down on my bedroom floor sobbing to The Father for answers to all of life's difficult situations. When He told me to quit my job it was a Sunday. I had Monday off and there I was sobbing on my bedroom floor "God if this is You please just give me something, some type of word SOMETHING to help me." Well the fact is He did, He did every day for 2 just wasn't what I wanted to hear. The truth is I had hoped He would change His mind. He didn't, and by that Monday afternoon He had heard so many of my thoughts towards Him and so many prayers I'm sure He was sitting up there shaking His head at me.

He always answers prayer. Maybe you needed to hear that today. He ALWAYS answers prayer. When we honestly whole-heartedly seek His guidance He is there and so is His answer. Just be ready for the answer that waits for you.

I've been at home for a week now, waiting for more answers. I was thinking about fasting...that didn't happen, at least not yet ;-). I don't think I'm going to have to fast though. The answers are stairing me in the face, it's just not what I want to hear. I do that a lot you see, He will give me the answers but if they aren't what I want I will keep praying and praying and begging for one more confirmation, one more word. Sometimes the answers are right infront of us, it doesn't matter if it's what we want or not, it's what God wants and His oppinion is the only one that matters, and you know when He's in the plans it's gonna be great for you despite fear or worry.

It's good to pray continually ~ I'm not discouraging that at all cause after all I'm the cryer and I have to be completley sure but when we pray for 2 whole months and the answers are still the same and you can see the answers right in front of your face it's kinda like the Israelites that wandered in the desert for 40 years isn't it...they didn't want to get the Land God's way so they were stuck in the desert till they were ready to do what He said.

I don't want to wander in the "desert" for 40 years, do you?


Jenifer said...

I don't want to wander in the wilderness either! God gives us answers they are just not always what we want. But I want to be a woman who says YES no matter what He asks of me. Great encouragement!

Lisa said...

I want to obey, even if the answer isn't the one I want. I want to be able to say that I trust Him enough to do whatever He says to do.

Debi said...

The biggest issue is the 'knowing' what the answer is but hoping...wanting...begging for it to be something different! God must laugh at us sometimes! Well, Mandy, don't wander in the know the answer...go for it!

Allison said...

No! But sometimes it takes a good 'wander' and walk with our Daddy to figure out what He is wanting of us :-)

Kelli said...

The great news is girl, God knows your heart. He created it! He sees you trying to follow his will and I know that pleases him. He may be looking down wondering why it takes us so long to be obedient sometimes but he knows our love for him and our desire to let him lead us! Don't be afraid to be obedient. Its scary but those are the times God draws even closer!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Wonderful post Mandy. While we may not understand or like the answers God gives to us, we need to focus on His Will and not our own. I've been known to be stubborn when He talks as well, but somehow He always makes His point! :-)

Have a Blessed Day!

Pat Challans said...

Mandy, I don't get on the computer much, but I chose to this morning. I haven't been keeping up with your blog and your new ministry Woman to Woman. I need to as they are both wonderful blessings.
I miss you at work Mandy but will be seeing you at some point soon. Pat