Monday, January 24, 2011

Expect Him

When you have your quiet time with God does your prayer seem flat...just going through your routine?

"Hey God it's me, what's up..lead me guide me, save me in Jesus name Amen."

Or do you genuinely expect to hear Him speak to you? If we are not careful, our walk can become routine, just something we do because that's how it's always been..


Our Pastor talked about tradition yesterday. Are we a people believing in God just because that's how it's always been or do we truly believe for His power. Are we in deep love with our Heavenly Father or are we just doing the motions because that's how we've always done them..

Some days my prayers are flat, my walk seems flat. I go along marking prayer and Bible reading off the list, then all of a sudden God will open my eyes and I'm able to push through the "routine".

When you watch tv, read these blogs or even take a trip to the grocery store do you expect to hear from God? His Word tells us He's always with us so why wouldn't He use a blog or tv program or even a trip to the grocery store to get our attention?

I want to challenge you today, when you are going through your day to day life make the extra effort, expect to hear from God and see what He can do with you. Let God awaken your spirit, don't let your relationship with Him become tradition, just another thing you do in your daily routine.  I guarantee He wants to tell you something today.


Lisa said...

I know He wants to speak to us everyday; we just have to be still enough to listen. And we need to be expecting to hear from him. When we do hear Him speaking to us, we need to respond in obedience. Thanks for this great post!

Jenifer said...

Beautiful post! Yes some days it does seem flat, like going through the motions. I don't want to live like that. I want a passionate relationship. God is with us every moment of every day. If we are aware of His presence, He will reveal Himself to us. I love looking for God!

Heidi said...

I expect to see Him and hear Him everywhere and in everything... am I always listening? No. And sometimes it does seem flat. I notice it getting like this when I'm too busy or overly concerned with little old "me." I love how when I am listening He is right there always! Wonderful post Mandy, thank you!

Debi said...

Wow. I've been feeling kind of 'flat' lately with my loss of voice! Every year I get laryngitis and it last for 6-10 weeks...pretty hard on a children's pastor! This year, I have been praying that God would heal me completely so that I would never get it again! I have also told Him that if He chooses to never give my voice back, I'm gonna praise Him anyway. That being said...I've been feeling quite name it! I know that it may very well be that He is trying to speak to me about something specific and I just haven't heard it yet! Lord, help me to listen completely to You!

Desiray said...

Great post your pastor is right we do just go through the routine but I believe in my heart that it really does depends on how hungry a person is for God. I know for me when I spend those extra moments in stillness waiting to hear from Him it seems my thoughts want to think other things or I can hear my phone ringing from the other room. I have to always remember to calm my thoughts first. because God is always speaking to us everyday of every second but it's us being in a hurry that we miss out on what He is saying, only later to come back and wish we stayed just a little while longer in His Presence.

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Wonderful post Mandy.

While I try not to let time focused on Him become "routine", sometimes my limited mind does allow earthly items to get in the way. He's always there, I'm just not always as receptive as I should be.

Thank you for the reminder, and have a Blessed Day!

Allison said...

You're so right. We can see God in all things when we take the time to look around and see Him. Sometimes we just rush through everything and miss Him altogether.

Demetria Spencer said...

I'm still rather new to the whole Christian faith, but I do notice that when I'm reading my Bible and actually learning that I do feel closer to God. There have been times that I try to read and everything just seems to be words. I know its not suppose to be like that.

Yesterday was the first day in almost two weeks that I had took time to write in my journal. I don't want a "routine" walk with God. I need more than that. I think my distance was for a reason. I think it was because I wasn't learning and God didn't want me to just give up on everything.

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to start my day out by sitting down and taking the time to listen. God guided me here (I believe) because I needed to hear this. Thank you so much for posting it!