Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Be Patient

I have a tendency to be very impatient. My husband will start talking about his day and a 5 minute story will turn into 3 hours with so many side trips that I get lost and confused. My kids will be playing with something, or pick something up or do something and after I've told them to stop once or twice they should stop right? Nope. So then I'll get impatient and start yelling at them. My oldest is almost 3 of course she's not going to pay attention to me when she's in to something she shouldn't be.

So I yell at my kids. I yell at my husband. I get easily annoyed or worse yet the exasperated sigh that says "You're so annoying!"

What I need to realize is everytime I yell I kill a little piece of their heart. I'm reading in Matthew and chapter 5:5 says blessed are the meek, they will inherit the earth. 5:7 says blessed are the merciful, they will be shown mercy. 5:9 says blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called sons of God. You probably recognize those as some of the beattitudes. Those few REALLY stuck out at me.

Jesus describes murder not only in the litteral sense of obviously don't kill people but also in the sense that if you get angry and yell then you are also murdering. I'm killing a loved one, hurting their heart every time I get impatient, every time I yell or get irritated. Matthew 5:21-26

I am BLESSED that my husband wants to share his day with me, who cares how many side trips his story takes, he's talking to me! I am BLESSED my kids are so curious and want to explore, they are healthy and happy! Today and all days I make the choice to be patient. I am God's girl and there is no room in my heart for anger or impatience towards my family or anyone else. I am blessed and I will practice self control!


Lisa said...

We do have to make that choice everyday. I chose to live a life of self control today, too.

Jenifer said...

I am going to share my "yelling" story with you. I used to be a very bad "yeller." One day a few years ago I accidently recorded our day when trying to record some music. Later when I went to listen to the music, I realized my mistake. I was in absolute shock that it was me on that tape. It didn't sound like me. It didn't sound like a Godly mom. It didn't sound like a loving mom. I prayed right then that God would take away my ability to yell....HE DID! The next time, the next day, I went to open my mouth to yell, NOTHING came out. God had taken the ability for me to yell away. Now anytime I go to yell, I have to remember that He delivered me of that.

Thank you for your post today!!

Carolyn said...

As a mumma of a 3yo DD I REALY struggle with yelling and it is an area inwant to submit to God. Oh dear Jennifer- taping my day would really scare me!!
Thank you for this post,
In His Joy

Desiray said...

We all deal with being patient as hard..I use to be very bad at it so much that the Lord had to stop me in my tracks. It was a hard lesson to learn and a big pill to swallow but it had to be done. I say I am not where I need to be in patience but I am not where I use to be thank God.