Wednesday, October 6, 2010


1st Cor 6:9-11, Titus 3:1-2, Lev 19:16

Every day God shows me something else I need to correct to walk with him. There has been several instances where I've had to give something up or move something around to start walking with Him again.

I'm so impatient, so unworthy. I feel like if I don't hurry and find these things that need fixed, that one day it will be too late for me.

I work in a job where gossip runs rampant. When someone hears of another's trouble then with-in minutes the whole floor knows about it and soon the whole building. Slander is also out of control here. We find fault in someone or someone wrongs us in some way and the personal emails start and anger gets out of control.

God specifically tells us not to gossip, not to slander, not to be easily angered. Today a woman I work with said something hurtful to another woman I work with and the second woman got angry and decided to let another woman and I in on her anger. We got out of control. God specifically tells us not to think like the world. I should have just ignored her and went on with my business but instead I joined in.

Afterwards, when I started thinking about it and God got ahold of me, I emailed them to tell them what we did/said in the emails were wrong. Just because someone does wrong to us does not mean we can turn around and do wrong right back. Just because this woman said something hurtful doesn't mean we are entitled to our anger. We call ourselves Christians we need to act like Christians, and the world will see that we're different.

We are not of this world, therefore we should not think like this world.

This is one of those times a God sized lightbulb came on and told me to knock it off.

Father forgive me, thank you that your mercy is made new every minute. I'm so sorry Lord, teach me how to reflect your light, forgive me of my pride Lord. Take it from me so I can be more like you and less like me. I love you and I want to do right in your eyes.